d line brand book julkaistu

D line on kehittänyt perinteikkäälle arkkitehtoniselle brändilleen tuoreen brändi-identiteetin, osana kattavaa strategian uudelleen asemointia modernina design-brändinä. Uudistus on tehty yhteistyössä tanskalaisten Norm Arkkitehtien ja Studio C:n kanssa.

Now is a great time to be part of a heritage Danish design brand. We are in a time where people demand more quality, they have an interest in sustainability and are certainly brand aware.

The era of poorly made, easily replaceable or imitation products is coming to an end. In this waste-aware environment, people look for strong products that stand the test of time. These products don’t just look like design classics, they behave like them too, delivering timeless design constructed to superb quality standards. They are products with strong roots and proven integrity in their craftsmanship. I’m very proud that this is what we create at d line.

I have been part of d line for over 25 years, and in that time have met many incredible people – from craftsmen to distributors to architects – and have seen our products grace many incredible projects. I’m as proud of the growth we have experienced as of the new areas we have pioneered and succeeded in. It shows that, despite many changes to the company, d line has remained a brand that is admired for its close attention to quality and for its strong and minimal design ethos. Design that endures both in its style and in its strength.

d line has also always been known for its close-knit expert team’s unparalleled service. In the 40-plus markets we are present in, we’re building on that reputation by pioneering initiatives like our 48-hour guarantee of shipping on 297 products, so that we can be nothing less than the best at providing reliable solutions, fast. Our products are present in some of the world’s most beautiful buildings, designed by some of its most acclaimed and ambitious architects, and we have long and valued relationships with studios all over the world. In our work with them we are organised and smart, going to extraordinary lengths to specify total, modular and bespoke solutions across architectural hardware, sanitary ware and barrier-free solutions that will compliment their vision. We are building on those relationships we have, while we continue to build new ones.

As we have always done, we continue to do what we do well whilst always looking forward. We look to new streamlined ways of working, to building these new relationships and to adapting and designing new products some of which are the first of their kind in the world.

As we move into fresh areas that meet new and emerging needs, this is indeed a great time to be part of d line – a heritage Danish design brand.

Hans Christian Petersen
Chief Executive Officer
d line